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TObot: auto travian with NO CAPTCHA (Free Beta Version). Current version, TObot only works on  T4 version. T3.6 will update soon. New infomation about T3.6 will be post on TObot’s facebook


  1. Auto raid oasis (bot only send troops to raid oasis, if oasis don’t have animals) , raid farms in farmlist    –>  video1
  2. Auto training troops –> video2
  3. Upgrading with task queued –> video3
  4. Read report and disable farm it troops die reach x% –> vide04
  5. Auto sending res between villages –> video5
  6. Have the overview with all villages
  7. Auto send Hero go adventure 
  8. Auto Celebrate Party
  9. Integrated with goldclub & send farm from goldclub –> video6


  1. Find crop 15c, Find Animals (Elephants, Crocodile)
  2. Add inactive players
  3. Add Oasis automatic
  4. Send Fakes better
  5. Evade troops when villages are under attack
  6. Automatic update new version,  and store your settings in our server, so you can run the bot at home, or any where without setting farmlist , listupgrade, trade route again, and you can let your friends run the bot for you

if you have any problem, you can make question in  SUPPORT

DOWNLOAD TObot full (30-11-2012)

This file contain full version of TObot. New user can use this




This file is used for user who had old version of TObot, and this file is use for updating (Replace old file in TObot folder)

Note: You must have .net framework 4.0 installed before using this bot

DOWNLOAD .net framework 4